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Christian Gerber

Village Dairy Neukirch an der Thur

My cheese dairy stands for local processing of milk and added value in the region.

The cheese dairy Neukirch an der Thur has been in existence since 1888 and is now managed in the 3rd generation by Christian Gerber. The cheese dairy stands for local milk processing from surrounding farmers. In addition to Emmentaler, the cheese dairy produces cheese specialties, butter, yogurt and whey and ensures the cycle of milk production and milk processing in the region. A philosophy that Christian Gerber lives by and represents with conviction.

"I want to help shape the future of the cheese industry."

Professional pride, influential and straightforwardness - qualities that go hand in hand with Christian Gerber. Networked in the industry, he advocates for the regional cheese-making craft with conviction. As a master cheesemaker, Gourmino board member, president of the Eastern Switzerland milk buyers and an expert on apprentices, Christian is actively involved in the development of the industry.

Blumenwiese, flowering meadow

To become a master at cheese making, you need experience, desire and an exchange with learning from the best

There are 5 employees working in the cheese dairy, including 1 apprentice. It is a well-rehearsed team, where everyone knows what needs to be done and every step is designed to meet the high quality standards. You can learn to make cheese, but to become a skilled cheesemaker, it takes passion, along with the experience in working with the best to realize your craft. 


Master cheese maker in the 3rd generation - and a talent for languages

Christian Gerber is a master cheesemaker in the 3rd generation. Together with his wife Sonja and their children Lukas, Lisa, Sarah and Simon, they live above the cheese dairy. His father Walter Gerber, a native of Emmental, was co-founder of Gourmino - the affinage and marketing company owned by the cheesemakers.
Thanks to years of travel in the cheese industry, Christian Gerber now speaks French, English and Italian and easily switches from the Eastern Swiss to the Emmental dialect. Talents that he can put to good use at Gourmino from time to time.
Blumenwiese, flowering meadow

After the salt bath, the cheeses develop their holes in the warm fermenting cellar

The Neukirch an der Thur cheese dairy has two aging cellars. After the salt bath, the wheels are first placed in the fermenting room, where the typical Emmental holes are formed. The master cheese maker recognizes when the cheese holes are big enough and moves the wheels into the cooler aging cellar. At the age of 3.5 months, the Emmentaler AOP are picked up by the Gourmino affinage team and are further age "in the mountain" until they acquire the desired character.

Blumenwiese, flowering meadow

Data & Facts

  • Cheesemaking tradition since 1888

  • Christian is a master cheese maker in the 3rd generation

  • 11 farmers deliver milk. The cows graze in a radius of 10 km to the dairy

  • Amount of milk processed / year: 3.6 million lbs.

Blumenwiese, flowering meadow

Point of sale 24/7

You can get our local specialties around the clock and 365 days a year from the vending machine right next to the cheese. Our machine accepts cash and Twint.

Blumenwiese, flowering meadow


Dorfkäserei Neukirch an der Thur
Käsereistrasse 13
9217 Neukirch an der Thur

T +41 71 642 14 30

Point of sale 24/7

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