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We remind you what makes an original!

The king of cheese

If children draw a cheese, they draw an Emmental. It is called the king of cheeses and yet Emmental is the most copied cheese.

With the Save the Emmentaler campaign launched by Gourmino and the cheesemakers, we are reminding what makes an original and how an Emmentaler AOP differs from industrially produced large-hole cheeses. 

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The original is...

200 lbs / 90 cm diameter / made from fresh raw milk from local farmers / decentrally handcrafted in cheese dairies / always has a rind /aged in the dairy of production for a minimum of 3 months.
These are the characteristics of the original Emmentaler AOP. Because the name was not protected for a long time, Emmentaler cheese is the most copied cheese in the world. 

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Additional added value of Gourmino Emmentaler

We believe that bigger is not better and that less is often more.
Our Emmentaler cheeses are: 

  • handcrafted in one of the 12 Gourmino village or mountain cheese dairies

  • aged in the Emmental or in the mountains for up to 24 months 

  • individually reserved for our customers

  • sold exclusively by Gourmino in around 30 countries​

Become a Gourmino Emmentaler ambassador

Our Emmentaler customers are represented in around 30 countries. They sell our cheeses with added value, emotion and pride. 

Would you like to become a Save the Emmentaler ambassador? We will advise you, select your favorite Emmentaler profile and find logistics options.


We think our Emmentaler should be celebrated

This is how our customers and employees in the USA celebrate the Gourmino Emmental
"Let it be, let it be, Emmentaler AOP...."

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