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The cheese connoisseurs

Exclusively sold by Gourmino

Vision: Cheese crafted for the connoisseur

Our vision is to produce cheese specialties for the passionate cheese counters around the world. That's why we take the affinage and marketing into our own hands. Five cheese makers founded Gourmino AG in 2001. Today, Gourmino is still owned by the cheesemakers, and this will remain so in the future.

In addition to the affinage competence, the employees of Gourmino maintain an excellent network of cheese connoisseurs and sell our craft in Switzerland and in about 30 export countries. 

Gourmino, our affinage and marketing company owned by us cheesemakers.

Not only the production is unique with us, but Gourmino is also the specialist when it comes to the affinage (maturing and caring) of cheese.

A good affineur sees, feels and hears how a cheese develops, when it is ready for consumption and what care it needs.

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Affinage in the mountain

Gourmino ages our cheeses at the foot of the Blüemlisalp mountain massif. In a former military bunker, deep inside the mountain, the climate - humidity and temperature - is constantly the same during 365 days and perfect for the affinage of cheese. 

the "cheese connoisseurs"

At the heart of our vision is the passionate cheese counter.
A passionate cheese counter sells cheese of the best quality, freshly cut from the cheese wheel. It relies on true craftsmanship, a careful selection of cheeses and its knowledge of the origin and history.
For us, a passionate cheese counter offers a unique shopping experience. It lends expert advice and background knowledge about cheese and cheesemakers. It is at the cheese counter where the craft is celebrated and where Gourmino offers differentiation.


Affinage in the mountain - take a tour

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